Discovering the God of More when Life gives you Less.

By Benny Perez


I have never read a message about what life can throw at us, and come away with the realization of how much more God truly provides.”

--Pastor Jentezen Franklin
Senior Pastor | Free Chapel

About the Book

MORE is a message of ‘spiritual addition’ for anyone who finds themselves in the midst of life’s ‘subtractions’ – unemployment, divorce, illness, crises and loss.  In 2010, just days before Easter, Benny and his wife, Wendy, lost a child in the womb.  In an unthinkable succession of events, the baby passed before their very eyes during a routine sonogram.  As they watched the heart monitor in horror, their baby’s heartbeat dropped from a normal, rapid beat to the sound of the flatline.  A day later, Wendy nearly died from extreme blood loss after a follow-up procedure.  And this was only the beginning of storm they were about to experience.

MORE is the account of Benny Perez’s journey through this broken period.  Using Paul’s shipwreck on the Island of Malta (Acts 28-29), and events from his own personal journey, he shows readers how to kindle a fire for God even when all we can find, like Paul, is ‘wet wood on a stormy day.’  Perez has walked through the valley of disappointment and grief, and has come out on the other side – humbled, strengthened, and passionate about Christ’s ability to meet us in our darkest moments, and bring us out!  In the book, he offers hope, healing and practical, ‘real life’ advice from someone who has been there – helping anyone who has been shattered, to pick up the pieces once again.

“In More, you’re going to see that God can use even your lowest points to catapult you into His higher purpose for your life.”

--Pastor Steven Furtick
Lead Pastor | Elevation Church

Author Bio

Benny Perez

Benny Perez is an author, speaker and lead pastor of The Church at South Las Vegas, which has grown from 27 people to more than 3,000 since 2003.  He is known for his unique ability to introduce people to the power of God’s Spirit, while ministering in a very authentic, real way.  Following his passion for people, The Church is actively involved in the Las Vegas community, providing food and clothing to thousands across the valley on a weekly basis, and partnering with community leaders and schools to provide for families in need.

Benny, and his wife, Wendy live in the Las Vegas valley with their four children.

“Benny Perez gives a tangible realization that God can use our difficulties to discover the most out of our life!”

--Pastor Ed Young
Senior Pastor | Fellowship Church


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